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Why is there plastic on the ends of shoe laces? The same reason your DNA has Telomere end-caps!

Senescent cells are like the retirees of the cellular world. When cells reach a point where they can't divide anymore, often due to stress or damage, they enter a state called senescence. It's like a biological retirement, where they stop dividing and performing their usual functions.

On the surface, this might sound like a good thing, like cells gracefully bowing out of the game to avoid causing trouble.

Even though they don't divide, they're far from inactive. They can secrete a bunch of molecules that create inflammation and can affect neighboring cells, kind of like a grumpy retiree causing a ruckus in the neighborhood.

This inflammatory environment can contribute to various age-related diseases and conditions. Researchers have now found ways to target and remove these senescent cells, hoping to address some aspects of aging and improve health. Senolytic drugs that remove senescent cells from the body, are proving effective in clinical studies, showing the ability to restore damaged tissue to prior levels of function. While not the fabled fountain of youth, this approach appears to hold significant promise in the pursuit of reversing certain effects of aging and increasing individuals’ health spans.

We offer the most recent cutting-edge supplements to stop the unravelling of your DNA and remove the damaging senescent cells. Check out our online store to get your supplements today. Your first

choice should be Fisetin and Bio-SelenoQ10. We only offer supplements that we have researched to be the best and cleanest chemically with no additives and documented research that proves the brand product is superior to others.

Bio-SelenoQ10 is a combination of the original selenium tablets and CoQ10 soft gels used in the groundbreaking KiSel-10 clinical study1 published in The International Journal of Cardiology. The study showed reduced mortality and heart health benefits. A more recent follow-up study showed strong anti-aging effects from the combined supplementation2. In both studies, scientists chose selenium and CoQ10 from Pharma Nord due to the well-documented absorption and pharmaceutical grade quality.

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