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Renae Yanero
RN, Age 67
Picture of Renae Yanero, founder of IV Energy Infusion and Ageless-Secrets
Picture of Renae and two cyclist after compleeting 100 mile MS Bike ride to Palm Beaches

Founded by one woman who has dedicated her life to fitness, health and wellness. Renae has been active in the medical profession, a fitness competitor and wellness coach.  " I believe that IV Wellness Therapy delivers powerful benefits to meet the demands of our physical and mental health. Mobile Wellness therapy is not just an amazing solution for hydration, it helps to alleviate symptoms of acute and chronic illnesses as well as being a great addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A holistic approach, mobile IV wellness therapy helps improve athletic and cognitive performance and energizes the body to deal with the stressors of our hectic lives.  I strive to bring the most cutting-edge therapies to your doorstep to slow down the aging process and nourish your body with nutrients to ward off the disease process.".

We also offer other entry modes such as Sublingual, oral meds, skin patches and nasal sprays since not all people can tolerate needles. We

strive to find the best method of medication administration and offer many other options if Intravenous therapy does not appeal to you. 

We are a 100% mobile Concierge IV Therapy company that services you wherever you are, work, home or play. I created IV Energy Infusion as an additional therapeutic treatment to increase one's overall wellness, and as a synergistic complement to practicing a healthy lifestyle full of proper exercise, diet and sleep. IV Energy Infusion is simply here to help you feel better faster, jumpstart your fitness journey and slow down the aging process. All therapies are medically engineered, prescribed and delivered with the expertise of highly trained nurses with years of experience and under the supervision of our Medical Director, Dr.Katz.

Look no further than IV Energy Infusion and you can rest assured that we only employ the best IV licensed professionals in Florida It takes a medical professional with years of experience to be able to provide IV infusions with confidence and comfort to each and every patient. We take pride in creating a customer-focused experience that helps you reach your health goals whether it be to overcome an illness or preventative care. No matter the treatment, your body will thank you for choosing IV Energy Infusion. We are here to help you.

Sincerely, Renae Yanero RN, ACLS,CCRN

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