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Peptide Therapies and Combinations



Potentially extend lifespan due to the cell's improved ability to divide and support telomeres from shortening & improving response to stress & anxiety | Better quality of sleep due to melatonin production |  Potential delay and prevention of age-related disease |  Strengthened immune system | Improves anti-oxidation functions | Better-regulated pineal gland function |  Revitalized reproductive health | Promotes wound healing, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects | Stimulates collagen & "group-specific aging" (GAG synthesis in the skin to increase firmness & hydration.


Supports healing post-surgery, injury, workouts & overall aches & pains | Targets muscle healing, joint, ligament health & skin inflammation | Promotes wound healing & anti-inflammatory effects | Stimulates collagen & group-specific aging (GAG) synthesis in the skin for increased firmness & hydration | Supports gut healing | Improves mood | Reduces pain



Strengthens the cardiovascular system | Increases collagen production | Reduces fat storage | Supports natural growth hormone production | Supports bone density | Improves muscle growth & repair | Improves sleep quality | Increases sex drive & immune system | Increases energy levels | Increases insulin sensitivity - lower blood sugar levels to burn more body fat


Accelerates Bremelanotide (PT-141) is a melanocortin receptor agonist peptide.  Melanocortin is a natural hormone in your body that works on receptors in your brain & nervous system to cause sexual arousal & influence sexual behavior.  Potential Benefits Include:  Improves sex drive for those with low libido | Helps increase sexually satisfying experiences | Unlike Viagra & other related medications, it does NOT act upon the vascular system | Improved confidence & self esteem |

Stimulates the Immune system | Potentially lowers blood sugar | Decreases fat storage


Wound, skin & tissue healing | Protects & heals gut lining | Protects cells and improves cell survival with oxidative stress | Improves blood flow to injured areas | Relieves pain from injuries | Regulates brain serotonin & dopamine functions, possibly helping with mood | Promotes muscle growth & fat loss | Slows down aging | Promotes deepest & most restorative stage of rest | Aids in brain hormone regulation to promote delta sleep

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