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Our Lifespans are Dramatically Increasing

Are you taking advantage of the New Therapies Available?



The science of Aging has dramatically changed over the past 5 years​.  People ages 30 and younger are predicted to live into their 100's or longer. Aging is now viewed as a disease process that can be slowed and even reversed in some cases. Newer treatments aim to repair our DNA, telomeres and rid our bodies of useless, minimal functioning cells. 

Our goal at IV Energy Infusion is to give you information and knowledge you need so you can choose what

therapy is best to meet your specific wellness goals.  We believe that knowledge is POWER. Optimal health and fitness begins with knowledge.   We offer cutting edge treatments that are administered via intravenous, intramuscular, dermal patches, liposomal, nasal sprays, sublingual, subcutaneous,and oral pills. Not everyone enjoys a jab and while IV is the most efficient for absorption, we believe the other routes of administration should be an option. Doing without should not be your only choice.

Our products are cutting edge medicine designed to ward off disease, slow the aging process and deliver optimum health to you. Our "Ageless Secrets" incorporate a multitude of modalities such as Baseline testing, IV vitamin therapy, Red light, NAD for age reversing, Peptides, Weight loss programs with Osempic, Skin Glucose Monitoring, Cold therapy, pulsed PEMF and supplements.


If you have been disappointed with your level of fitness, your lab results or how fast you are aging; if you realize that exercise and diet alone is not enough, then read on.  We have a THERAPY that will give you back your energy, repair damaged cells and slow the aging process. We believe that "Disease: is preventable with proper intervention and that disease is not a natural aging process but caused by deficiencies in your diet. Foods sold in grocery stores are many times over processed and are lacking natural vitamins and minerals that were destroyed in the farming and manufacturing process.

We are a mobile IV Vitamin Therapy business that also delivers our Supplements nationwide.  Our therapies are simple. They are either to Restore or Prevent. If you need to feel better fast, choose one of our IV therapy Solutions first, then add preventive therapies later after we have established your baseline. 

Not sure where to start?  Take our instant online LONGEVITY TEST below.

Man being administered IV therapy to speed up wellness journey

Speed up your wellness journey with IV administration

Older couple with man carrying wiomen on back. they are full of energy and vitality

Improved nutrient absorption
increases your Energy and


Man and women in excellent shape exercising

Maximize Your Fitness Performance

 ***** GOOGLE 5 STAR REVIEWS *****

5 Star reviews from clients


Ageless Secrets/IVEnergy Infusion therapy is the best! Renae took exceptional care of me, her professionalism, warmth, and kindness made my journey a very pleasant experience. She provided me with personalized care and educated me on the benefits of Immunity boost as well as the B-12 injections. She was very compassionate and attentive during my treatment. Afterwards I felt energized, hydrated, and renew! Renae knowledge and demeanor is why I have return for weekly or monthly treatments.

5 star review from client


Renae is the best!  She obviously practices what she preaches as she looks much younger than her age  and is physically fit!

I had an excellent experience, and I have very high standards. She made me so comfortable and it was painless! Definitely recommend going to see her for you IV needs!


I loved my IV therapy. I got the Meyers cocktail and felt better immediately. Renae was professional and proficient in her nursing skills. I highly recommend IV Energy Infusion in Fort Lauderdale!

I have added the  NAD patches and am very happy with the results. 

I noticed a difference in my focus and energy levels within a week.  I am now a regular customer  of NAD therapy!

5 star review from client


I am an expert I'V drip expert, I made an appt with Renae and she was very attentive, I decided to go for the NAD + 250mg. ( She also add the Myers cocktail IV Drip. Renae started taking my blood pressure, which was normal ;FYI she was taking my blood pressure before, during and after the last drip. I was explained to me the possibles side effects that are considered as normal . So I was prepared. . I noticed an improvement on my skin, like was glowing in a few days. I can't way for my next treatment with Renae. I felt safe, I noticed that "she cares" Renae is a registered nurse. So if you need an IV professional look no further, Renae is the OG of the IV treatments.

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